Founded in 2010, Class Books is a publisher of historical fiction, fiction and science fiction books. As a new publisher we are planning to publish one to two books per year to begin with. At this time we can only entertain solicited manuscripts.

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The Girl with Hair Like The Sun by Claire Mix

... one of the most engaging, in some ways gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, inspiring, beautiful, page-turners I've ever read. I hope that young people across the world read it, especially American children, so that they will recognize injustice when it pops up, and do something to make a difference.

Craig Wiesner - Reach and Teach, San Mateo, CA

... a bittersweet coming-of-age story with an undertone of indignation about the camps.

... I strongly recommend it.

Like Mix’s film, it’s moving, angering and funny, sometimes all at once — just like life. Since Mix spent her career talking with young people, it’s no surprise that her writing in the voice of one has an authenticity you don’t always find in what might be called young-adult literature, though I certainly think this book can find a place in any grown-up’s library.

Ed Goldman - Sacramento Business Journal, Sacramento, CA


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The Girl With Hair Like the Sun by Claire Mix